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We promise to combine 30 years of real-world experience, a straightforward and objective manner, and your company's unique strengths to produce results you've only dreamed of. We commit to being your source of ideas, strategies and tactics - to focus on your goals and deliver expert results in a cost effective manner.

Our members specialize in management consulting, job costing controls for service industry firms and building maintenance firms, franchise operations, restaurants, food service companies, and manufacturing concerns.

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Our management Team…

Gary Bennett: President, CEO, and our Top Management Consultant

Gary Bennett was born in Michigan where he grew up in a South Detroit Suburb. Mr. Bennett went straight from the University of Michigan to begin his career in the service industry. Following a sales stint at one of the world's largest printing corporations, Mr. Bennett moved to suburban Baltimore, Maryland, where he founded and operated a regional printing company. After almost twenty years in this field, Mr. Bennett saw digital printing practices rendering true-offset printing obsolete. Formerly difficult printing jobs could now be created and produced on most typical office equipment.

Utilizing the skills he had developed managing a successful printing company, Mr. Bennett joined one of the country's leading franchise sales organizations in facility services, and successfully ran offices in sixteen major cities around the United States. Providing franchisees with successful operations in janitorial, portering and carpet cleaning, Mr. Bennett's corporate strategy took the company to new levels of success. After being promoted to Executive Vice- President, Mr. Bennett continued to run the company until he joined an international consulting firm specializing in small to medium size business development. Mr. Bennett had found his calling. While managing and consulting for two of the largest companies in the world, Mr. Bennett realized that it was in the small to medium business where a true, hands-on consultant could make the greatest impact. Success in driving profits for small to medium companies; in installing and implementing service and job costing detail analysis, managing service fleets in the field, and returning many companies to a state where the owners could now run the business rather than have the business running them.